Steven Mackey: Quartet for Strings (1983)

Originally CRI SD 526 / now New World NWCRL526

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This disc is part of a series of re-issues of the Lp catalog of the CRI (Composer's Recordings Inc.) label. These important documents of 20th c. compositions have been out of print since the advent of the CD, but have now been transferred to digital files from the original master tapes in order to make them available once again.

""String Quartet was written for the Lydian String Quartet in 1983. I had heard the Lydians play a variety of music in many venues and was very familiar with their playing style even before our collaboration began. I was excited about composing a work for them which would exploit their ability to sustain and project an intrinsically expressive, large shape as well as their knack for making intricate details sparkle. The major formal divisions indicated in the score are as follows: I. An Allegro II. Two Miniatures: a) Hypnogogic sequence and b) Scherzo III. Finale: a) Quasi recitative, b) Caricature and metamorphosis, c) An adagio and d) Epilogue." Steven Mackey

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