Vincent Persichetti: The Four String Quartets

Centaur: 2833
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"The four string quartets that Persichetti composed between 1939 and 1972 are woefully under performed, and this 2006 release from Centaur stands alone, much to the embarrassment of other labels that have not yet touched this fine material. Thankfully, the Lydian String Quartet is completely sympathetic to this overlooked quartet cycle and fully capable of traversing its many flavors, moods, and styles... The Lydian String Quartet's addition to Persichetti's catalog is an important contribution, and this excellent CD should be noted by all major string quartets and their recording companies with envy." Blair Sanderson, All Music Guide

"Kudos are due the Lydian Quartet for rescuing Persichetti's quartets from undeserved obscurity." Mark L. Lehman, American Record Guide

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