Lydian String Quartet Collated Repertoire

+ recorded by the Lydian String Quartet
* written for the Lydian String Quartet

Ali-Zadeh, Franghiz Oasis (for string quartet and tape)

Anderson, Allen String Quartet +*

Bach, J. S. Transcriptions for String Quartet

(fugues from Art of the Fugue, Chorale Prelude)

Barber, Samuel String Quartet (includes Adagio for strings), Op. 11

Dover Beach, for voice and string quartet, Op. 3

Bartok, Bela Quartets No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

Piano Quintet

Bauer, Ross String Quartet 

Beach, Amy Theme and Variations for flute and string quartet, op. 80

Beethoven, Ludwig Van The Complete String Quartets: Op. 18, Nos. 1-6; 

Op. 59, Nos. 1-3; Op. 74, 95, 127, 132, 130, 131, 133, 135.

Allegretto in B minor

Viola Quintet, Op.29

Berg, AlbanString Quartet, Op. 3

Lyric Suite (with and without vocal part in the sixth movement)

Berger, ArthurString Quartet

Bloch, ErnestString Quartet No. 1

Boccherini, LuigiString Quartet, Op. 10 No. 2

Bouchard, LindaLung Ta for string quartet +

Boykan, MartinString Quartets #3 +, #4 +*

Psalm 121 for soprano and string quartet *

Brahms, JohannesThe Three String Quartets, Op. 51, (Nos. 1 and 2), 

Op. 67

Viola Quintet, Op. 88

Viola Quintet, Op. 111 +

Piano Quintet, Op. 34 

Clarinet Quintet, Op. 115

String Sextet, Op. 36

Bridge, FrankTwo Old English Songs ("Sally in our Alley";"Cherry Ripe")

An Irish Melody ("Londonderry Air")

Caltabiano, RonaldString Quartet

Cardona, AlejandroHistorias Mínimas (Quartet No. 5)

Carter, ElliotElegy

Chang, Yu-HuiShadow Chase (2003)

Chasalow, EricString Quartet

Five Simic Songs, for soprano and string quartet *

Chausson, ErnestChanson Perpetuelle, for voice, string quartet and piano, op. 37

Child, PeterString Quartet No. 1 +*

String Quartet No. 2 +

Clarke, RebeccaPoem, for string quartet

String Quartet (in one movement)

Copland, AaronMovement for string quartet

Two Pieces for string quartet

Crawford, RuthString Quartet

Debussy, ClaudeString Quartet, Op. 10 in G minor

D'Rivera, Paquito The Village Street Quartet

Dvorak, AntonString Quartets, Op. 34, 51, 96

Viola Quintet, Op. 97

Piano Quintet, Op. 81

Elgar, EdwardIntroduction and Allegro, Op. 47 (solo quartet)

Ellington, DukeFive songs, arranged by Paul Chihara:

"I'm Beginning to See the Light"; "Sophisticated Lady";

"Take the A Train"; "Mood Indigo"; "Satin Doll"

Erlich, MartinString Quartet

Fairouz, MohammedLamentation and Satire for string quartet

Fauré, GabrielString Quartet, Op. 121

Piano Quintets, Op. 89, 115

Piano Quartet No. 2 in G minor

La Bonne Chanson, for voice, string quartet and piano, Op. 61 +

Fine, IrvingString Quartet +

String Trio

Firsova, ElenaMisterioso, In memoriam Igor Stravinsky +

Amoroso (String Quartet No. 4) *

Francaix, JeanClarinet Quintet

Franck, CesarPiano Quintet in F Minor

Frank, GabrielaLeyendas: An Andean Walkabout

Fruhling, CarlPiano Quintet

Fussell, CharlesBeing Music for baritone and string quartet +

Gershwin, GeorgeLullaby

Golijov, OsvaldoThe Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind,

for clarinet and string quartet

Harbison, JohnString Quartet No. 1 +

String Quartet No. 2 +

String Quartet No. 3 +*

String Quartet No. 4 +

Thanks, Victor (songs of Victor Young, arranged)

The Rewaking, for soprano and string quartet + 

Piano Quintet

Fantasia on a Ground

Haimo, EthanString Quartet

Harrison, Ellen RuthLandscapes of Sorrow

Haydn, Franz Joseph18 String Quartets: 

Op. 17, No. 1

Op. 20, Nos. 1, 3, 6

Op. 33, Nos. 2, 3, 5, 6

Op. 50, Nos. 4, 6

Op. 71, No. 1, 2

Op. 74, Nos. 1, 3

Op. 76, Nos. 1, 3, 4, 6

Hindemith, PaulConcert Waltz for String Quartet

Hovhaness, AlanBagatelles, Op. 30, No. 1

Piano Quintet, Op. 9

Hyla, LeeString Quartet No. 2 +*

String Quartet No. 3 +*

String Quartet No. 4 +* 

Imbrie, AndrewString Quartet No. 4

Ives, CharlesString Quartet No. 1 +

String Quartet No. 2 +

Hymn +

Halloween +

Jolas, BetsyString Quartet No. 3 (Nine Etudes)

Karlins, M.WQuintet for alto saxophone and string quartet +

Karpman, LauraString Quartet

Kim, EarlThree Songs for soprano and string quartet

Kreisler, FritzString Quartet

Lee, Tom OboeString Quartet No. 3

String Quartet on B flat

Jazz Suite *, Morango, almost a Tango

Lieberson, PeterString Quartet

Liszt/MacDonaldJeanne d'Arc au Bucher, for mezzo and string quartet

Mackey, StevenString Quartet No. 1 +*

Fumeux, Fume, for String Quartet

Maconchy, ElizabethQuartetto Corto

Martino, DonaldString Quartet No. 5 (2004)

Mendelssohn, FelixCapriccio for string quartet 

String Quartets, Op. 12, 13, 44 Nos. 1-2 

Octet for strings, Op. 20

Salve Regina, for voice, string quartet, bass, organ

Mozart, W.A.Quartets K. 157, 159, 173, 387, 421, 428, 464, 465, 499, 575, 589

Adagio and Fugue for string quartet, K. 546

Clarinet Quintet, K. 581

Allegro for clarinet quintet, K. Anh. 91 (516c)

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for string quartet and bass, K. 525

Viola Quintets, K. 515, 593, 614

Concerto for piano and string quartet, K. 414

Oboe Quartet, K. 370

Nieske, Bob Pieces for string quartet and jazz trio +*

Ornstein, Leo String Quartet No. 2

String Quartet No. 3 +

Piano Quintet + 

Perle, George Brief Encounters for string quartet

Persichetti, Vincent String Quartet No. 1 +

String Quartet No. 2 +

String Quartet No. 3 +

String Quartet No. 4 (Parable X) +

Piazzolla, Astor Four for Tango

Pinkham, Daniel String Quartet

Piston, Walter String Quartet No. 2

Primosch, James String Quartet No. 2

Purcell, Henry Fantasia

Puccini, Giacomo Crisantemi

Rakowski, David Take Jazz Chords, Make Strange for quartet and clarinet *

Disparate Measures (piano quintet)

Ravel, Maurice String Quartet in F

Introduction and Allegro for quartet, flute, clarinet and harp

Read, Gardner Piano Quintet +

Reich, Steve Different Trains for string quartet and tape

Respighi, Ottorino Il Tramonto for soprano and string quartet

Rohde, KurtMusic for String Quartet

Schnittke, AlfredString Quartet No. 3

Schoenberg, ArnoldString Quartet No. 2 (with soprano, op. 10)

String Quartet No. 3

Verklaerte Nacht for string sextet, Op. 4

Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte, for quartet, piano, 

and reciter, Op. 41

Schubert, FranzString Quartet in D minor, Death and the Maiden +

Quartett-Satz in C minor (Op. post.)

String Quartet in G minor (Op. post.)

String Quartet in G Major (D 887, Op. post. 161)

String Quartet in A minor (Op. 29)

String Quartet in D Major (D 74)

String Quartet in E-flat Major (Op. 125 No. 1)

String Quartet in B-flat Major (Op. 168) +

String Quintet in C Major (Op. post.; two cellos)

Octet for string quartet and winds, Op. 166

Schuller, GuntherString Quartet No. 3

Schuman, WilliamString Quartets No. 2 +

String Quartet No. 3 +

String Quartet No. 5 +

Schumann, RobertThe Three String Quartets, Op. 41, No. 1, 2, 3

Piano Quintet, op. 44

Sessions, RogerString Quartets No. 1 and No. 2

Viola Quintet 

Shapero, HaroldString Quartet +

Serenade for string quartet and bass +

String Trio +

Sheng, BrightString Quartet No. 3

String Quartet No. 5 (Silent Temple)

Shifrin, SeymourString Quartet No. 5

Shostakovich, DmitriString Quartets No. 4 and No. 8

Unfinished Quartet (1962)

Piano Quintet, Op. 57

Sibelius, Jean String Quartet in D minor (Voces Intimae)

Somers, Harry Movement for String Quartet

Spratlan, Lewis String Quartet No. 1

Stout, Alan String Quartets No. 6, No. 10

Stravinsky, Igor Three Pieces


Subotnick, Morton Echoes from the Silent Call of Girona, quartet and tape

Tal, Joseph String Quartet

Thomas, Augusta Read Streams of Illusions

Tower, Joan String Quartet

Tschauschjan, Levon String Quartet #3 +

Turina, Joaquin La Oración del Torero

Ullman, Viktor Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Arnold Schoenberg"

Vali, Reza String Quartet No. 3 (2001)

Vaughan Williams, Ralph On Wenlock Edge for tenor and string quartet

Villa Lobos, Heitor String Quartet No. 6

Verdi, Giuseppe String Quartet

Warner, Daniel String Quartet

Webern, Anton Langsamer Satz

Five Pieces, Op. 5

Six Bagatelles, Op. 9

String Quartet (1905)

Wiprud, Theodore American Journal for string quartet and baritone

Wuorinen, Charles Divertimento

Wyner, Yehudi String Quartet ("Tuscan Triptych") +

Brandeis Sunday +*

Madrigal *

On This Most Voluptuous Night +

Yi, Chen Fiddle Suite for Huqin and String Quartet

Wolf, Hugo Italian Serenade

Young, Victor Thanks, Victor (four songs arranged by John Harbison:

"Stella by Starlight"; "Ghost of a Chance"; "Sweet Sue";

"When I Fall in Love"+*

Zallman, Arlene Il Sabato del Villagio, for mezzo soprano and quartet.

Zemlinsky, Alexander String Quartet No. 3